Sunday, March 6, 2011

The Most Insane Monday


So Monday was a pretty eventful day.  I snuck three goldfish to school in a water bottle and during third period, while my teacher Mrs. Ralphs was in the hallway talking to a student, I poured the fish into her water bottle.  It was hilarious!  She was so mad but it was the funniest thing ever and it was totally worth getting yelled at.

Mrs Ralphs let us take them to Mrs Francis' fish tank and I get to see them every other day. It's great.
During fifth period on the other hand a few of my friends and I decided to skip class and take a trip to the lake.  After taking a great picture of my friend Baylor, my phone jumped out of my pocket and tumbled into the water. . . . Luckily Drew grabbed it before it sank too deep but it wasn't working so we put it some rice for a while.  Lunch on the other hand was a little better.  At Taco Bell they had 88¢ Crunchwrap Supreme's!  They were so good and so cheap!  Now it was 7th period and time for softball tryouts.  I was so nervous!  Trying out for anything always seems to put my stomach into a knot.  But anyways, the people who are in the class get to tryout first so we did our thing and everything went great.  After school we had to pretty much do the whole thing over again but with more girls, so while some of the girls are warming up, I am laying the ground stretching my back when I get hit in the face.  Immediately it started to swell and it felt like I was growing a second head on my left check.  I couldn't help but laughing, I thought it was hilarious and it really didn't hurt too bad.  I was so glad to find out later that it wasn't broken and I didn't have a concussion.
But I have a pretty awesome black eye and I made J.V. and Varsity softball!  :)

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Old "New" Car!

The new vehicle, it might not be the best but it does its job and its pretty fun. It has a nice sunroof that actually works and the sound system isn't too bad. "It's the family's car!" Or so my mom says but Luke mostly drives it, only until I get my wonderful license in June.  So excited!  
It's a 1997 Honda Accord, 4 wheel drive, 2 door.  The radiator has a little leak in it but it's fine as long as we don't let it over heat.  The only downside is that it is automatic, Luke and I really wanted a manual car but this one is still pretty sweet.   We have had it for about a week now and it works really well, but one day I will drive a Chevy Camaro.  That'll be the day! 

 Oh and you can't forget our great cat Capone.  Which the neighbors gave to us after she had kittens in our garage a couple of summers ago.  My whole family is allergic so she stays outside, usually, sometimes she slips in the house when we are leaving for school or work.  She has our schedules memorized, pretty smart huh!  We love her, but I really can't wait till we get a dog. . .

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Missing Summer?

This winter has been great but I'm really starting to miss summer, a lot.  So here are a few photos from the best summer in 2010. 

From breaking windows, to fishing.  Summer is hands down,  the best season ever.   

I think this picture is self explanatory.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Great minds "bleed" alike.

After it finally snowed in Utah I was a little too excited, after running around thrilled I missed placed my footing and slipped.  This was the outcome and I didn't even noticed till I was home.

On the other hand Elder Rowley after tracting all day had an encounter with some kids at the park who were playing "Lets hit the missionaries with rocks!"

I guess he was just a little jealous of my cool head injury.

You can make anything float.

My juice box sail boat.

The lake, half frozen, right after the sun went down.
Hi, I'm Lindsay.  I'm really new at this blogger thing but I've wanted to start a blog for a while now.  I think sharing pictures with the world would be fun.  So here I go.

Hope you like it.